Daily News Letter – 9 th Oct 2018 Commodity Market

Gold  : Oct. 31249

 AS prices in gold comex would face major resistance at 1207$(approx) and in Indian market we would face resistance at 31800-31850.  On the short term trend looks change and selling opportunity at higher level with consider resistance 31300-31400 as remain below sell side

Silver : Dec –  38490

Last two weeks after made a low 36000 almost gained more than 3000 points and made a high 39360.  But some profit booking seen at higher level.  Now time sell with stop loss 39100.

Crude Oil – Sept    5495

Crude Mcx was in bull run from last almost 70 days and as we are facing resistance at the range from 5650-5700 and the exception is towards the lower side as we could see the rising WEDGE pattern in STOCHASTICS ,As a result of rising wedge we could see a fall in crude prices in near future and on the other side if it crosses the range of 5700 decisively and on closing basis there could be fresh bull run.

Copper —Sept   454

Copper Mcx- As comex copper is showing that the prices for copper should move towards lower side and it is expected that the movement  in copper mcx would also be similar. And 470 would act as a major resistance for Mcx Copper.  Down side 450-448 are a good support watch out.

Nickel –Sept  937

Over all trend is bearish with consider support 900-8880 range and upper side resistance 865-870, once stay above real blast on card.

Natural Gas –Sept.  240

As we were continue writing a bullish and any decline to good buy side.  We are bullish above 200 mark and any decline to buy side. Trading above 50-100-200 DMA only bullish view.  Up move continue. Now lower level 233 is a good support watch out.

Aluminum –Sept.  154.10

Some recovery seen from a lower level and almost made a low last week 144 mark.  Now higher level resistance and supply zone is 150-152 range once successfully stay above, it will move like rocket. Above 152   any short will be danger.  Very hot and see what happened and in a one trading session made a high 166. Avoid fresh trade and book profit.

ZINC –  Sept.  199

Bullish trend continue with consider support 190 once break first sign of weakness, higher level resistance 200-205 watch out and stay above do not think any short sell.

LEAD – Sept.  148

Overall trading range and time for  consolidation side. Wait for break out in either side.  Ready for big blast  at any time.  Above 152 it will show real power and think to buy above only. Trade and sustained below 146 more selling pressure on card


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