Gold  : August (30650)-

Trading range continue, however, strength in dollar weakness continue but decent support range nearly 30000 and resistance 30700. Wait for further direction till that best way to avoid.

Silver : Sept -39881

Lower level some support seen with consider trading range 39000 to 40000   and once crossover resistance strong up side cannot be ruled out in near term. Buy on dip with tight stop loss.  As our first target have been achieved, now sustained  above 40000, it will show real power and buy side and big move cannot be ruled out. Lower level good support 39500 to buy side.

Crude Oil 19th July  5039

We are bullish above 4600  and our first target 5000 have been achieved, however, trading above 4 years high looks major momentum in this commodity and more upside left in coming days.  Intraday any dip to buy side with consider long support range 4700-4750 and as long as these level up side open towards 5500 mark. Today support 4990-5000 watch out on screen.

Copper August   433.50

Short term support have been broken and trading below 7 months low so any rise to sell side.   Consider resistance 450-453 and remain below any rise to sell side. We are in selling mode below 450  and made a low 434  once break more down side. Any rise to intraday to sell side.

Nickel July- 977

Looks bearish and break down long trading range and  closed below with added open interest. Resistance 1000-1010 range and major break down on the card in coming days.  Only sell side. No buy please. Resistance 1000-1020 lower level support nearly 950.

Natural Gas 26th July 196.20

Hot sell and break down support level, consider resistance near 201-202 range and remain below to sell side. Lower level likely test 190.

Aluminum July  143.70

Over all trading range with consider resistance 144-145 and support observed at 140 range. Higher level to selling opportunity.

ZINC July  187.30

We are bearish below 200   and holding short position with trailing stop loss.   Any intra day rise to sell side.

LEAD July 163.15

Break down in trading range looks more down side with consider resistance 163    164 range, break down 160   more panic likely in this commodity.

Happy Trading Hrs.

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