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Nifty + Bank Nifty + Stock Option Call

This scheme is design those traders who are not trading in Future market due to big lot size and high volatile, but want to trade in option market with low investment amount  along with small risk and return is very high on daily basis.   In some cases where is high volatility Profit is 100 to 500 percent possible on intra day basis in  Bank Nifty Options.

Salient features of scheme :

  1. Swing and Scalping strategy available on intraday basis whereas quick entry and exit in number of times during market hrs.
  2. Call will be given over WhatsApp messenger
  3. Call Frequency: Numbers of call in Bank Nifty and Nifty depend upon the market conditions and volatility.
  4. Small investors can make big money in short term with proper stop loss.
  1. Investment Amount Required :   Rs. 25000 and upper side no limited.
  2. Expected Return  :  Traders of one lot – Profit Rs. 20000 to 40000 per minths

Example :

  1. On  15th March  we have given a call  25000  put buy at 100  stop loss 50 target 200 240   300. Within 10 minutes move up to 240  but book profit at 200 and gained Rs. 4000/-
  2. Bank Nifty:  Sell 24900 call around 80 stop loss 120 target 10 paisa, end of the day covered at   10 paisa. Total gained  Rs. 4800/-
  3. Buy Nifty Put    10400 at 90 stop loss 85 target 110   120.  Booked at 110 gained of 20 points i.e.   Rs. 1500/-
  4. Buy Nifty Put   10400 at 100 stop loss 60 hold till expiry for target 300 400.  In this call risk is only   40 points whereas profit around 300 points and risk reward ratio is 1:9.

Subscription Charges:

Monthly 7000/-
Quarterly 20000/-
Half Yearly 35000/-

For subscription just click  : ……..images


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