Market out look dated   25th April 2018

Market out look dated   25th   April  2018

Break out in Nifty  Above 10650


  Market out Look   :             Market are finally closed above 10600 mark and lower level decent strength seen in market  and smart bounce back seen.  However, USA Bond Yield are continue pressure in market and coming days it will attract selling pressure at higher level.   Pharma, Pvt. Sector Banking looking good and buy side.   Any dip to buying opportunity in market.

Nifty   :               Consider support 10550-10510-10500, resistance 10640-10650, trade and sustained above big short covering in market.

 Intra Day Scaneario :     Trend bullish, support   10515

Weekly Scaneario :    Best : 10705 – Worst case : 10400.

3month Scaneario :  Best Case – 10600-11000 Worst case 9145.


Bank Nifty Future  :                Bank  Nifty are continue in selling pressure at higher level with consider resistance 25200-25250  and support 24800  break down these level, over all selling in market.

Intra Day Scaneario :     Trend bullish, support   24800

Weekly Scaneario :    Best : 25700 – Worst case :  24650

3month Scaneario :  Best Case – 25750  Worst case 24500

Results on 24th  April  :      M&M Finance, Stretch, Ultratec, IBREAL, Wipro.

More details call

9630466296  /  9301302732


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