Commodity market up dated  20th March 2018

Commodity market up dated  20th  March   2018

Gold  (31598) :  Over all trend is bullish and your stop loss for long….. already gained 350 points.

Silver(40635) :    Trend is bullish with stop loss 30900  hold long position.

Crude Oil (4529) : Time to pause due to ease of tension, however, trend is bullish.  As long as holding 4000  mark up side towards 4500 4800 range in coming days.  Trading level….. Any dip to buy side.  Long already gained 300 points and holding long with trailing stop loss.

Natural Gas(176.70) :    Break down support level and unable to cross resistance level which is placed at 184.  So sell on rise strategy..

Aluminium (165.30) :   Yesterday it was mentioned that above 171  sharp move and made a high 178.85 and intra day advised to sell below 175 with stoop loss 181 target 170 165  and achieved the same and gained a 10 points i.e. 50000  on intra day.   Now what next, after sharp rise avoid buy side and lion heart traders can sell with tight stop loss.

Copper(456.95)  :   From the low 440 our target 461 have been achieved.  Today again decline to buy with stop loss………?  Our long call gained 21 points .

Nickel  (1003) :  As mentioned long above 910 and our first 990 and 1050  and advised to book profit. Yesterday  heavy volatility seen and made a high 1095   and finall big sell off and fresh short resulted it was closed below 1000. Mark.  Yesterday our short call made a profit of 60 points on intra day. From 910 to 1095.  190 points gained in 5 sessions.

Lead  (156):    Yesterday we long above 156 and our target 158   159 have been achieved. Still waiting for break out at upper level.   Now time to  avoid. Once break out at higher level,  big move can not be ruled out.

Zinc (208.05) :    As short term we have long above 208 and our target 216 have been achieved and almost gained 8 points i.e. 40000  in three trading sessions. Now once crossover……….. and stay above……………up side towards 240-250.  More confirmation awaited.


9630466296 /9301302732


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