Market out look dated   18th April 2018

Nifty Above 10562  more bullish

Last and final Resistance 10705 – thereafter smart money will take new high.


  Market out Look   :            Market are continue in rally mode once it was crossover 10450 and almost added 100 points. From the low of 9950 almost gained 600 points without pause and we are near to major supply zone which is placed at 10600-10650 region. Traders are advised to remain buy side and intraday dip to buy side, avoid any short sell.

Nifty   :              Nifty are continue in positive bias but near to resistance level.   Yesterday it was made a high 10560 which is a 50% retracement of entire rally from 11171 to 9950.  Now trade and sustained above 10560 up side towards 10705 which is a 61.8% of retracement of previous rally.  Once trade and sustained above 10705, likely test new all time high in coming days.   As result season already started so possibility can note ruled out.

On option front Highest put stood at   10400 followed by  10300. On the call side Highest calls stood at 10700 followed by   10500.

 Intra Day Scaneario :     Trend bullish, support  10500

Weekly Scaneario :    Best : 10500–10640 – Worst case : 10350

3month Scaneario :  Best Case – 10600-11000 Worst case 9145.


Bank Nifty Future  :               Bank Nifty are continue in positive bias.  However from the low 23605 it was made a high 25427 and almost 1800 points gained from the lower level .  Over all trend is bullish and any dip to buy side with consider support range 24800-25000 and resistance 25750-25800.  Likely from that level bank nifty will pause.

Intra Day Scaneario :     Trend bullish, support   25100 +

Weekly Scaneario :    Best : 25600  – Worst case :  25000

3month Scaneario :  Best Case – 25750  Worst case 23605

Some FO Ques   : 

Yes Bank  – Fresh short and added 48 lacs.

Hindalco  : longwere seen and added 38 lacs shares

Titan : Long side 8.88 lacs

LT  : Profit taking seen

Grasim   : Ready to fly  long seen

Maruti  : Heavy long unwinding and shorting opportunity.

ICICI Bank  : Long side and added 53 lacs shares

Telco : Rise to sell side – short added 15.50 lacs share

DHFL  : Long seen added 7.45 lacs

HDFC   : Long seen at 6.84 lacs

VEDL  :  Long unwinding.

SBI  : Short added  – 17.40 lacs

HDFC Bank : Long added 4.15 lacs

Bharti  Airtel : After long time, short covering and long added 15 lacs

Sun Pharma : short added   8.61 lacs

Reliance :  Short covering by way  3.60 lacs

DLF  : Long added 24.55 lacs

More details call


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