Market out look dated   16th April 2018

Market out look dated   16th  April  2018

 Nifty Above 10400   – very Bullish

Market out Look   :                  Market are continue in up ward bias and finally it was made a high above 10500 and closed at 104180.  However, due to week end and sharp rise in short term, some profit booking seen at  higher level but trend is bullish.  On Monday , market likely to open with down side gap due to strike by USA against Serial but decent opportunity to long side.

Nifty   :               Decent support  10400 whereas the highest put are stood and 10500 highest call followed by  10600.  So these    100 points trading range in next week. Likely.

 Intra Day Scaneario :     Trend bullish, support  10485

Weekly Scaneario :    Best : 10500-10600 – Worst case : 10350

3month Scaneario :  Best Case – 10600-11000 Worst case 9145.


Bank Nifty Future  :              Above 2500 over are bullish trend . Higher level resistance 25350-25500 crossover it will more up side, down side major support 23800 +.

Intra Day Scaneario :     Trend bullish, support   25050

Weekly Scaneario :    Best : 25600  – Worst case :  24800

3month Scaneario :  Best Case – 25750  Worst case 24000


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