market update

Market Trend Trauncted Week. Being a expiry, year end,  long weekend .  Only tree days working in this week.


Over all trend is bearish  and Nifty break and closed below 10000 so weakness continue towards  9900-9910 which is a good support, break below more down side.     Any intra day rally to short side, do not try to bottom fishing.


Nifty  Spot Down side support 9920-9950  Up side  Resistance 10030-10333 watch out.  Higher level to sell side.  


Nifty Future Intra day weakness to buy around 9920 stop loss 9890 target 9980  10000.

On rise to sell side around 10040-10050 stop loss 10105  onclosing basis target 9950-9900.

Time being decent support 9900 watch out. 

Bank Nifty Trend is bearish and intra day rally to sell side.  Sell on rise  23800-23850 stop loss above 24050 target   23700 23500. 23200

Weekly closed below 23500  – real blood bath in street


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