Market out look dated    23rd March 2018

Market out look dated    23rd  March   2018

Ready for Big Fall   –

Nifty Below 10000  –

Bank Nifty   – Below 23800

Blood Bath in Stareet

Market out Look   :             Market trend is down and continue having resistance 10200 10220  and finally break down earlier support 10133 and closed below.   As only 4 days are left of expiry of March  2018, Financial year ending,  long weekend and LTG effect in market, heavy long unwinding and selling .  On the other hand world market also panic due to trade war fear.    No Buy  only short side.

Nifty   :         Consider resistance 10150-10180, down side trading below 10000, get open towards 10050,   10000, thereafter non stop target  9937 likely.

Bank Nifty  :           Trading range   24000   to    245000, Break down  24000  heavy sell of towards   23800   23700  likely.

Short Side   :  SBI, ICICI Bank, Yes Bank, Voltas, Jet Airways, and many more.


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