Market out look dated    22nd March 2018

Market out look dated    22nd March   2018

  Trading Range Nifty    10150 to  10300

Bank  Nifty    –   24000  to  24500

Pull back Rally use Short Side.

Market out Look   :            Market are continue in volatile sessions and oopen with decent move  but higher level heavy selling pressure seen and finally closed with some gain.  However, trend is down and sharp rise to decent opportunity to short side.  Down side first target 10000   and once below major weakness in market.

Nifty   :            Trend is down with consider support 10140,  higher level resistance 10230, crossover move towards 10276   10300 whereas decent opportunity to short side.

Bank Nifty  :                Trading range   24000   to    24500,   crossover 24500, up side towards  24750  and 25000, lower level support around 24200-24000, break down these level major weakness and over all selling in market.



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