Market out look dated    12th March   

Market out look dated    12th March   

Relief Rally in  market if trading above 10330

Market are continue in negative zone and any sharp rise seen selling opportunity in market.  However, after made a low 10140 some respite seen in market and looks some up side in near term due to over sold market.  Over all trend is bearish and any sharp rise to take advantage to exit long and fresh short position.  However, smart traders can take both side trades accordingly to level and moving.

Nifty   :         Over all trading range of 100 points which is 10200 to 10300  break out or break down these range will move nifty 10330 10350  which is a stiff resistance zone at current juncture, holding above, only some relief rally in market, down side support 10100 watch out.

Bank Nifty  :           Time being bottom have been established at 24000  and pull back rally seen around 24580, time being it has been resistance around 24600 24700 whereas a supply can not be ruled  out, don side below 24000, big gate open in market.

More details call



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