Market out look dated  1st March 2018

Market out look dated  1st March  2018

Market open with some down side gap due to  weakness in global que and major jerk seen in USA market.   However, in our market is still in trading range  as and when these range hold, both side opportunity in market.  Best way to buy on support level with small stop loss and sell on rally or resistance level.   Today Auto Numbers in market and looks over all good.  In early trade market open with down side gap so do not play short side, wait first 30 minutes and buy and sell 30 minutes high and vice versa.

Nifty  :  Decent support 10400-10430   as long as hold up side short term may intlact,  major down side open once break these level on sustainable basis.

Bank Nifty  :    Looking support at lower level, decent support at 24800-25000 weakness b reak down these level, up side resistance 25200  crossover some buying.


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