market update

Now today what to do   – 23rd Feb  2018

Trend is down and intraday any rally to selling opportunity in market.

We may consider Nifty Resistance 10430-10450, crossover and stay above some pull back rally towards 10490-10500 whereas good opportunity to sell side. Down side support 10340 and 10300, once trade and sustained below  down side open towards 10000 and 9687 possible in March series.   Trend will be change only above 10700-10750.

Bank Nifty   :

Also looking bearish set up and almost month to month expiry it was down more than 2400 points.  Short term we may consider resistance 25200-25500  and support 24700  break down these level towards 24500 24200-23800  watch out.   Some strength will be show above 25500. However, chances are very remote.

More up dated or any query

Call   9630466296.


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