market update

Market up dated
As we are aware that budget is coing on tomorrow so high volatile
In market likely continue and major ups and down in next two trading session on card.
On the other hand we have seen some selling in front line stocks as well as advance and decline ratio are also in negative side. However, by smart operators and funds smartly managed index by managed of hdfc ltd and hdfc bank which is a major player in index side.

Now in this situation, we are advise to all our clients and follow up to avoid any big trading and any long and short position at this juncture. If you have any long and short please hedge properly. If any one want to trade in index better strategy to buy call and put instead of write.
Further we also advised that next two trading i.e. Till 1 pm on tomorrow to seat a side line is a best strategy. After budget proposal market will take direction properly.
If you have any querry you can ask through whatsapp number 9203900646.
Have a good and profitable day.
3M TEAM Research Deptt.
Cell No. 9203900646 (also whatsapp)
youtube channel


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